Process R&D

Process R&D

Process development

With the concept of QbD (“Quality by Design”), PharmaResources provides customers with one-stop efficient solutions through synthetic route design and screening, process optimization, scale-up, validation and process safety assessment, thus improving customers’ R&D efficiency and shortening the drug development period. The innovative drug process development services provided by the company cover the entire process from preclinical studies to new drug launch.

Services include:

  • Breaking through known synthetic pathways or pioneering innovative synthetic process routes or achieving customized optimization from preclinical studies to drug marketing;
  • Studying and defining key process parameters to support scale-up process validation and commercial production for cGMP or non-cGMP manufacturing.
PharmaResources is committed to discovering and developing innovative synthetic processes, building platforms for flow chemistry, enzyme catalysis, asymmetric catalysis, solid state chemistry and safety assessment, supporting process research and optimization, quality research, and helping customers achieve low-cost, safe, green and reliable commercial production of intermediates and APIs in scales from kilograms to tons.
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